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It should be our priority to take care of ourselves, our mental state and our bodies. Quality of life is everything, and having your body feel good and move well is a huge component of overall wellness.

Our wellness memberships include a customizable cocktail of recovery services that will help keep your muscles loose, decrease aches and pains, allowing you to perform at your best, feel good, and help prevent injuries. Most people only know the rehab portion of Physical Therapy. Meaning, they go to therapy after injury, but there is an even more important component, which is Prehab, the idea of preventing injury. Spoil yourself and bulletproof your body with therapeutic services like Cupping, Normatec compression boots, Inversion Table, RockBlade, Theragun and assisted stretching. 

Join one of our PARC Wellness Memberships and keep your body healthy. We offer affordable packages ranging from once a month to weekly recovery sessions.

Wellness Memberships:

  • Monthly – One Time – $120/Month – Recurring – $110/Month
  • Bi-Weekly – One Time – $215/Month – Recurring – $190/Month
  • Weekly – One Time – $396/Month – Recurring – $352/Month